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Primeadine® Original Spermidine Supplements - 90 Capsules | Oxford Healthspan

Primeadine® Original is a completely plant-based spermidine supplement designed to promote healthy aging and stimulate cellular renewal, specifically autophagy. Each serving contains 1mg of the purest and most easily absorbed spermidine sourced from concentrated and defatted Japanese wheat germ extract.

What are the benefits?
  • Sounder, deeper sleep
  • Stronger, healthier hair, skin, and nails
  • Elevated energy and vitality

The entirely food-derived spermidine found in Primeadine® Original is accompanied by naturally occurring polyamines such as putrescine and spermine. In addition, the supplement includes a unique prebiotic fiber that supports spermidine production in your gut biome. This combination of extra polyamines and prebiotic fiber forms a beneficial recycling loop, assisting your body in generating more spermidine.

For optimal results, we recommend consistently taking Primeadine® for a minimum of 12 weeks to fully experience its benefits. Continuous use is key to achieving the best outcomes.
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