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Niacin CRT 500mgNE - 60 Tablets | Designs For Health

Niacin CRT™ contains 500mg NE of niacin (Vitamin B3) in a unique wax-matrix tablet that utilizes slow-release technology to deliver niacin in a continuous, controlled rate over a 6-to-8-hour period throughout the tablet’s transit time in the bowel.

• May be beneficial for healthy lipid management

• Can support healthy circulation

• May lower cholesterol

• Can support function of the nervous system

• Slow-release delivery system

• No-flush form of niacin

The technology in this formula delivers niacin in a continuous, controlled rate over a 6–8-hour period. Flushing can sometimes be a consequence of supplementation with niacin, but it is less likely with this controlled-release tablet, especially if taken at night.

Unfortunately this product is not available in the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Austria

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