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Histamine Digest | 30 Capsules

Formerly Histamine Block - you may receive the old packaging, no change in formulation.

Histamine Digest contains a patented enzyme formula featuring diamine oxidase (DAO). When taken with meals, it can help alleviate symptoms related to high-histamine foods.

Normally, an enzyme in your gut breaks down histamine from your diet. This enzyme is called Diamine Oxidase or DAO. Some people, due to genetics or other factors, do not produce enough DAO enzymes. As a result, they may experience uncomfortable symptoms when eating high-histamine foods. Supplementation with DAO may provide support in susceptible individuals.

DAO has been shown to break down food-derived histamine in the digestive tract. Thus, DAO supplements can make it a lot easier to tolerate histamine-rich foods. Don’t let your meal choices disturb your day. Now you can enjoy delicious family and vacation meals with confidence!

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