Hifas da Terra

Hifas da Terra (HdT) is a biotechnology center focused on research and innovation with a high degree of specialization in the development of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms. This know-how, based on extensive experience around the applications of Mycology to health (Mycotherapy), is the intellectual property of Hifas da Terra and has a high economic value. Mycotherapy can be defined as the application of medicinal mushrooms high in active biomolecules for the benefit of people’s health, well being and quality of life. Using both single species preparations and specifically chosen synergistic blends of mushrooms, Mycotherapy helps to naturally complement integrative treatments and healthy routines.

3 reasons why you should choose Hifas da Terra More than 150 compounds Mushrooms contain more than 150 beneficial compounds that can radically alter our health for the better. Beneficial compounds scientifically proven to positively impact our well being include beta-glucans, sterols, antioxidants, statins and triterpenes, among others that additionally work safely alongside conventional treatments. Proven effectiveness More than 2,000 studies and science-backed reasons that validate their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibiotic, etc. properties. Some of these compounds such as beta glucans and lentinan are currently being used to support those with cancer. Health experts Hifas da Terra’s expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience in clinical research and usage. This knowledge has brought Mycotherapy products at their best to thousands of practices, health centres and research hospitals all over the world.We are the second generation of scientists: Biologists, Chemists, Doctors and Pharmacists. We feel a deep respect towards scientific rigor and good practice in order to bring enhanced health and well-being to society. Commitment to quality and traceability is strong and unique The Mico-Quality production process includes up to 3 rounds of analytical control of both raw materials and final products to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. Maximum concentration via a dual extraction process: Dual extraction, an exclusive patent-pending process, allows us to more efficiently and sustainably obtain standardised levels of active biomolecules in the medicinal mushrooms at higher concentrations than those offered by other natural products.