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Gutology Mineral Toothpaste - 120ml | Gutology

Natural Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste with oral probiotics

At Gutology they care about the microbiome, including the one in your mouth. So they've developed a probiotic toothpaste without nasty chemicals that effectively cleans your teeth and looks after your oral health.

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Why replace your current toothpaste?

We believe toothpaste should do more than just clean your teeth.

Oral probiotics

Oral probiotics can prevent certain dental conditions that can arise from high levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth, such as periodontitis or tooth decay.

Zero Fluoride

You want to avoid the health risks associated with fluoride in your toothpaste but still want the benefits

Fresh Breath

Added probiotics help prevent bad bacteria which can contribute to bad breath. We've also added natural mint for that fresh feeling.


Gutology toothpaste remineralises teeth by replacing lost minerals such as calcium and phosphates caused by high levels of acid or bacteria.

Is yours edible?

You swallow more toothpaste than you realise. Make sure your toothpaste contains ingredients that you'd be happy to eat.

Gut Health

Poor oral health can have an impact on your gut health, so it's key to promote a health oral microbiome.

It's just more foamy

We've tried a lot of natural toothpastes but they didn't 'foam up' like major brands. So we sourced a natural Glycolipid (made from coconuts), which is extra foamy and added it to our formula.

We think it's the best natural brushing experience out there.

The magic of Hydroxyapatite

Hydroxyapatite is naturally restorative and effective in reducing your risk for tooth decay, cavities, and enamel erosion. It remineralises your teeth and even protects against sensitivity. We'd say that's pretty magic.
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