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Slow Flow - 60 Capsules | Vitanica

Slow Flow™ uses astringent herbs, uterine tonics and nutrients to support normal menstrual flow.

• Supports normal menstrual flow

• Vitamin K promotes clotting and can reduce excessive flow

• Can contribute to balance hormones

• Contains vitamin A to support heavy periods

• With yarrow flower known to slow heavy flow

• With ginger that offers anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce heavy menses

This supplement by Vitanica offers a combination of well researched vitamins and botanicals known to support a healthy menstrual flow. It can have an astringent effect and contribute to clotting, so as to reduce bleeding and the discomfort that may come with excess flow. It supports uterine tone and can help lower inflammation which can be one of the triggering factors for heavier than normal bleeding.

Suggested use is 3 capsules every 3-4 hours during menses.

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