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PMS Tonic - 118 ml | Vitanica

PMS Tonic™ is a liquid herbal formulation that can offer relief from PMS symptoms.

• Can help enhance hormone balance

• Helps to improve PMS symptoms

• Can help reduce water retention

• Supports relaxation

• Can contribute to a more balanced mood

• May improve breast tenderness

This formula by Vitanica contains a range of herbs and botanicals that support the menstrual cycle throughout the month. It helps to enhance hormone balance to reduce symptoms of PMS. It may be beneficial to help reduce bloating, water retention, irritability and menstrual cramps. It is a natural formulation that includes herbs well researched for their benefits on female health. Contains passionflower to promote relaxation and St John’s Wort to support a positive mood and reduce breast tenderness. Natural vanilla and hazelnut taste.

Suggested use is 1 teaspoon daily.

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