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Hydrox-Adeno B12 - 60 Lozenges | Seeking Health

Hydrox-Adeno B12 contains bioavailable methyl-free vitamin B12 to support energy and detoxification.

  • Helps to improve energy levels
  • Can benefit cognition
  • Enhances detoxification
  • Can help improve homocysteine levels
  • Supports a healthy mood
  • Contributes to healthy vitamin B12 levels

Hydrox-Adeno B12 contains two forms of vitamin B12, hydroxocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. They are both well tolerated by those who experience side effects such as nervousness, headaches or rapid heartbeat when taking methylated B vitamins. These two forms of B12 offer a slower release and contribute to a healthy nervous system, improved homocysteine levels and enhanced cognition and energy levels.

Suggested use is 1 lozenge daily. If a smaller dose is required, lozenge can be broken into smaller pieces.

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