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Histamine Digest - 90 Capsules | Seeking Health

Formerly Histamine Block - you may receive the old packaging, no change in formulation.

Histamine Digest can offer relief after eating high histamine foods. Useful alongside antihistamine protocols.

• It helps histamine breakdown
• Contributes to clearing histamine by-products
• Can be used alongside a low histamine protocol
• May improve seasonal allergic reactions
• Offers comfort after eating high histamine foods
• Helps to improve headaches, palpitations, hives and digestive symptoms

Histamine Digest capsules can benefit those with histamine sensitivity and when following a low histamine diet. It can be used as part of a protocol or when consuming histamine rich foods, such as aged cheeses, pickles, charcuterie or red wine. This formula contains DAO, the enzyme that in the body metabolises histamine, to help the body eliminate toxic histamine by-products. It also includes vitamin C because it contributes to the production of DAO.

Suggested use is 1 capsule as needed or before consuming histamine rich foods.

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