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Astragalus by Supreme Nutrition Products, also known as Astragalus membranaceus or Huang Qi, has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese medicine for a wide range of health risks. The plant is mainly native to the north and eastern regions of China and has been labeled a “superior herb” in the 2,000-year-old classic Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing for its impressive abilities as an adaptogen and immune system restorer.

Astragalus has been studied and continues to be studied for the following actions and benefits it possesses among others:

1.      Astragalus is a powerful immunostimulant showing the ability to control T-helper cells 1 and 2 while increasing macrophage, immunoglobulin and natural killer cell activity, production and function. (1) This property is the main reason Astragalus can be viewed as an excellent broad-spectrum antimicrobial herb with an emphasis on viruses and bacteria. It is the number one herb used in China for protection of the respiratory organs.

2.      High concentration of saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides.

3.      It has supreme cardiovascular protective properties by lowering arterial plaque, regulating heart calcium levels, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and lowering triglyceride levels. In 2014, the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine stated that combining Astragalus with conventional methods increased the success of viral myocarditis treatment. Along with Dan Shen, Astragalus showed superior in the treatment of angina vs. conventional drugs. (2)

4.      Astragalus is being used extensively due to its ability to reverse insulin resistance and protect pancreatic beta cells.

5.      Astragalus has showed promising results for due to its adaptogenic properties and ability to “invigorate vital energy” by strengthening the body’s resistance and constitution according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

6.      The herb has been used for thousands of years for longevity, which has now been attributed to Astragaloside IV and Cycloastragenol, two of the plants powerful saponins. These constituents activate telomerase enzymes leading to support the reversal of cellular damage and the slowing of aging. (4)

7.      It is extremely helpful for male hormones and has been scientifically shown to  help increase male sperm motility, thus can help with male infertility.

8.      Astragalus has been shown in studies to decrease airway hypersensitivity and reduce mucus production. (5)

9.      Potent kidney protector shown to (6) help preserved residual renal function in dialysis patients. People with IgA nephropathy have been shown they can benefit from supplementing Astragalus.

10.  Astragalus is very affective for reducing side effects of chemotherapy and has been shown to enhance platinum-based chemotherapy. (8)

11.  It can help methylation issues due to its folic acid, betaine and choline content.

12.  Showing potent liver protective properties (9). The herb also inhibits herpes simplex virus 1 (7).

In conclusion, Astragalus is a powerful herb that should be considered in any immune system related case. The herb is best used for longer periods of time due to its potent ability to build immune system and constitutional strength over time and help prevent infections in the first place. For this reason, we evaluate it on every patient.

References available on request.

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