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Adrenal Assist - 90 Capsules | Vitanica

Adrenal Assist™ is a herbal formulation that promotes the ability to handle prolonged stress with ease.

• Supports the adrenal glands

• Supports enhanced resistance to stress

• Can contribute to boost the immune function

• Contains B vitamins to support energy production and healthy mood

• Contains adaptogens that can help the body cope better

• Tonic support to contribute to healthy hormone balance

This formula offers nutritional support to enhance adrenal gland function and help the body with building resistance to handle stress better. It contains B vitamins as well as vitamin C and magnesium, to contribute to healthy stress hormone production. It also includes adaptogenic herbs which help to balance energy levels and act as a tonic to assist in the response to stress, anxiety and fatigue. They contribute to overall wellbeing and allow the body to go back to a more balanced state. Adrenal Assist can boost the immune system thanks to the support from astragalus, holy basis and schizandra. All natural ingredients.

Suggested use is 3 capsules per day.

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