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Maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance in today's fast-paced society is more difficult than ever. We are frequently encouraged to look to current science for solutions, but sometimes the answers we seek can be found in the wisdom of our forefathers. Enter Foodsporen, a company dedicated to leveraging mushrooms' remarkable regeneration capabilities and healing intelligence.

In the footsteps of MART STOFFELE

Foodsporen originated from an enormous passion for the mushroom. What is fascinating how these beautiful 'creatures' who are neither plant nor animal. How they literally find themselves under every footstep we take on this planet. A planet whose bottom is filled with a gigantic network of their mycelium and the air we breathe filled with millions and millions of their spores. Mushrooms nourish us, heal us and regenerate forest waste into nutrients for the soil. They are indispensable in an ecosystem and, above all, indispensable is our 'ecosystem'. Mushrooms have been used by humans for thousands of years and they have a prominent place in Chinese medicine, for example. They are also being rediscovered in Europe.

Recent scientific research confirms what our ancestors had known for a long time. Namely mushrooms contain an unprecedented amount of nutrients that can not only heal us, but also save us a lot of trouble in the form of illnesses. With Foodsporen we follow in the 'footsteps' of ancient medicine, which Foodsporen combine with the most prominent science and technology.

Premium quality

Premium quality

Their products contain the full spectrum of phytonutrients from the mushrooms, meaning that all the substances responsible for the health benefits are present in their products. For this, they use a so-called 'triple extract' technique. By subjecting the mushrooms to no fewer than three different, technically advanced extraction methods, they are able to offer an extremely pure and high-quality product. In this way, Foodsporen follows in the 'food tracks' of our ancestors, combining the knowledge of the past with the science and technology of today.