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Vitamin C8 | 90 Capsules

Vitamin C8 is a formula that contains 8 forms of buffered vitamin C for an optimum digestive tolerance, better retention and bioavailability.

• Supports the immune system
• Can help recover from periods of greater physical exertion
• Can offer protection against antioxidant damage
• Helps build connective tissue like collagen, bones and teeth
• Can help lower inflammation
• Can help fight off viral infections

This formula contains 527mg of vitamin C per capsule and combines a powerfully revitalised ascorbate-mineral vitamin C with an adequate selection of nutraceuticals. Contains selenium and zinc to help protect cells from damage, citrus flavonoids to support the health and strength of blood vessels and anti-inflammatory compounds that help reduce pain and swelling, specially in the sinuses or after surgery.

Suggested use is 1 capsules twice daily.

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