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GI Revive - 210 Capsules | Designs For Health

GI Revive® offers comprehensive support for optimum gastrointestinal health and function. It features a blend of botanical extracts, amino acids and minerals which are important for supporting the intestinal lining. It contains L-glutamine, one of the most important amino acids for gut health and repair.

• Helps to support gastrointestinal tract health
• Can help maintain healthy intestinal mucosal lining
• Can help improve symptoms from leaky gut
• Helps to support gut-associated immunity
• Helps to maintain healthy intestinal function and regularity
• Supports a healthy immune response

Our gut lining must be permeable enough for nutritional absorption, but at the same time provide a barrier against toxins, allergens and pathogenic microbes. GI Revive® incorporates L-glutamine to provide structural and metabolic support for intestinal cells.

Recommended use is 7 capsules per day.

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