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This service involves a one hour consultation with our in-house practitioner. We offer this service for the people that cannot make sense of their symptoms, that are trying to improve their day to day lives, that want to start on a new path to health or are interested to understand more about their underlying chronic health conditions and how they can manage them better. In short, this service is for everyone looking to be a healthier version of themselves. Our practitioner has over 5 years experience in complex cases and over 2 year experience in mentoring and teaching and has been published in different publications with great feedback, therefore we are certain this is the best next step you can take in your health journey. 

What is a consultation?

A consultation entails a one hour discussion about your health history and health problems, you will be asked questions from each and every system in your body as they oftentimes work synergistically. Because usually there is not a whole body system approach, sometimes the root cause is overlooked, and the purpose of the consultation is to ferret out the root cause of your health concerns in order to resolve or improve your health issues.

What do I need to prepare?

It would be very helpful if you could prepare in advance a 3 day diet diary. There is no judgment in these sessions, so please write the diet diary with the foods you normally have the most often and in a way that it shows your usual style of eating. It would also help if you have any medications or supplements you are taking written down in the dosages you take them.

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At Supplement Hub we believe taking care of yourself is personal, that is why we want to enable you to find the best products for your personal health situation. All our products are carefully selected to offer the best quality possible.
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