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Welcome to our Supplement Bundles

Do you want to feel healthier but don't know where to start? We're here to help you on your journey to better health. In cooperation with our team of experts, we've created six different bundles to boost your health.

Blood sugar control bundle

The blood sugar control bundle is a combination of three products that work together extraordinarily well. Our practitioner Aletta Sørensen has selected it for its effectiveness to control blood sugar and support those struggling with diabetes. 
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Hormone balancing bundle

In case of a hormone imbalance or gland, you will experience different signs and symptoms. Symptoms or signs associated with common hormonal conditions could include: sudden weight gain or loss, fatigue, sweating, increased hunger, muscle weakness, joint pains, depression, anxiety or irritability. 
Our practitioners have picked three supplements to help you naturally balance your hormones, together they make up our hormone balancing kit. The supplements can be taken as directed.
*Discount code: HORMONE5  for 5% off

Immune support bundle

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy immune system? Are you looking for a natural way to improve it? Our immune support bundle may be just what you need! It includes Zinc, Vitamin C, and Resilience mushrooms.
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Detox support bundle

A detox can also be done through supplements. The supplements in this bundle are designed to help support the liver and increase immune health. With the four products specially selected by our practitioners, you will be able to support the body’s natural detoxification process. 
*Discount code: LIVER5 for 5% off

Prostate support bundle

To keep your prostate healthy, we have developed the prostate support bundle with the knowledge and research of our practitioners. As a golden trio for supporting your prostate, our practitioners recommend taking ProstaSorb, Zinc Supreme, and Optimal Man.
*Discount code: PROSTATE5 for 5% off

Stress away bundle

We are committed to helping everyone suffering from unhealthy stress, as we know how damaging it can be. So what is an easy way to reduce stress? Our stress away bundle. To cope with stress naturally and effectively, our practitioners have carefully selected three products for our stress away bundle. 
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