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Imix Nutrition is a natural supplement company that offers high-quality, bio-available supplements. Their ingredients are in-house researched and sourced for consistent quality, free of harmful additives and based on scientific research. Each product contains natural ingredients, manufactured in cGMP facilities in the US and Canada, and third-party tested for purity and efficacy.

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Imix Nutrition's mission is clear; they are committed to creating amazing high quality Health Products to help people of all ages survive and thrive.
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Ian Thompson, CEO

Before becoming CEO of Imix Nutrition, Ian was a marketing and advertising executive who founded his own agency in Vancouver in 1995. He left his agency to help his wife Jini's health business in 2002. Ian's background in advertising, marketing, and customer service is valuable in managing health product sourcing, production, and meeting customer demands for high-quality health products.
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Jini Patel Thompson on which version of Absorb Plus Elemental shake to use.

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